Church Hall Hire Details

Our Modern facilities include

  • Church and hall  has seating  to accommodate 150 persons, 100 persons if using the tables
  • Church hall can accommodate 35 persons
  • Ample car parking facilities
  • Central Location within the Villages of Middleton and Elmer
  • Alcoholic refreshment are permitted on a bring your own basis
  • Modern Fully Equipped Kitchen facilities
  • Access ramp from car park to the main hall
  • Accessible Toilet
  • Fees are:
    • First hour  £14
    • Additional hour or part of  £10
    • Kitchen use £10
    • Minimum Hire 2 hours

For further details, please fill out the contact form on this page, Note that due to Covid 19 restrictions, only the hall is available for hire at present

Additional Restrictions From The 1st Feb 2022

Due to recent changes, we are having to reduce the availability of the Hall Hire effective from the 1st. February 2022.

The Hall will be let on Saturdays for 8-hour sessions only for a flat rate of £80.00.

The only other day the Hall will be available for hire is on Tuesday's as follows:

First hour £14.00 Second hour and subsequent hours at £10.00 per hour. Minimum hire time 2 hours. Plus £10 extra for kitchen usage if required.

The Hall will also be available to Wedding Parties, Christening Parties and Funeral Wakes. Prices to be quoted based on the number of hours required, size of party and the kitchen usage. This will apply to any day of the week subject to availability.

With the on-going problems with Covid (effectively more cleaning for safety reasons) coupled with a hike in prices for gas and electricity it has become apparent that our current charges are no longer viable. Moreover, with the increase in attendance for Church services we are in need of making time and space for additional Church events. 

We will do our upmost to squeeze our current hirers into Tuesday if they so wish. 


John Madell


St Nicholas Church, Middleton on Sea.