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Since 1086, or even earlier than that, St Nicholas’ Church is very much the beating heart of our community. Generations of priests and deacons, Churchwardens, PCC members and worshipers formed the very fabric of our village. By their faithful witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ they created a safe and beautiful space for all of to live in.

For centuries our village church has been at the heart of our community -

It was a place for baptism of children, the new members of our faith family.

It was a place where couples got married and started their new life together.

It was also a place where we said goodbye to our loved ones, and where they were laid to rest.

It was the Church where we celebrated the national joys and when we mourned our defeats.

It was a place where in the time of chaos, fear and uncertainty we could find the peace which overcame every fear.

Because St Nicholas Church was and is a beating heart in the centre of our community.

This presence of a church in every village, town and city in England, is not only about the beauty of the building and its rich history. It is all about the community. Today, perhaps more than ever, we need those places of peace, where we can find solace and consolation in moments of uncertainty and anxiety, we need those places of peace when we are navigating our lives through the troubled waters of the ever-changing reality.

The simple beauty of the Church of England lays in its system. There is a parish church in every town and village. There is a church open to all and ready to serve all. No matter who you are, no matter where you are in your journey of life, faith, persuasion or age - YOU are always welcome, because it is YOUR Church. Our mission is to serve everyone, is to help everyone, is to be open and to embrace everyone, sharing the love and the compassion of Jesus Christ.

Join us for our services, events and the time of fellowship. You are most welcome here!

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upcoming events

Upcoming Events

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Regular Services

St Nicholas


          8:00 am – 1662 Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion

          10:00 am – Parish Eucharist– followed by refreshments


          10:00 am – Eucharist– followed by refreshments

Morning Prayer

          10:00 am – Tuesdays.

          9:00 am – Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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