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Services at St Nicholas'

From earliest days, Christians have met together. In our daily lives, we try to put our Christian principles in to practice. However, we come together as Christians because, as St Paul describes it, we are members of one Body, the Body of Christ, the Church.

We meet together for Worship (prayer, singing, teaching), and also for mutual support and encouragement, as we enjoy fellowship with each other, after our Acts of Worship have finished.

The main Act of Worship at St Nicholasí is Holy Communion (also known in some Churches as: The Eucharist; The Mass; The Lordís Supper).

In Holy Communion, we receive the holy bread and wine, the Body and Blood of Christ. If it is not a personís custom to receive the holy bread and wine, he or she is invited to receive Godís Blessing. Those unable to attend church can receive Holy Communion at home.

All Sundays: 8.00 a.m. (first Sunday traditional "Book of Common Prayer").

First Sunday (and August):†10.30 a.m.

Other Sundays 9.45 a.m.

11.15 a.m. Morning Service:

first Sunday, No Service†(as there is a 10.30 Service)

Second and fourth Sundays: Morning Service(not Holy Communion)

Third and fifth Sundays: Holy Communion.

At our 11.15 a.m. Service on Sundays, there is a Sunday School in the Church Hall, and also a Creche area at the back of Church.

Holy Communions: 8.00 a.m. Wednesday

10.00 a.m. Thursday (first Thursday of the month: opportunity to have prayers for Healing)

Also, of course, we have Holy Baptisms, Weddings, and, sadly, Funerals. Occasionally, we have a special Service, such as a Pets' Service, or a Service on the beach.

Everyone is welcome to attend our Services, whether aged 2 days or 102 years! There are facilities for those with disabilities e.g. a loop system for the hard of hearing; large print copies of Service/Hymn books; a ramp for wheel-chairs.

Come and join with us. You will be very welcome.

St Nicholas Middleton is part of the Diocese of Chichester
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